Diesel Generator Sales:

Best Power Company

M/s Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, Pune have appointed Best Power as their Authorised Dealer at Chennai for their Range of Kirlsokar Green Diesel Generator In Chennai. Best Power has executed sale order more than 750 DG set in Chennai alone over 8 – years

Kirlsokar Engines – The driving force behind the Nation

The Biggest Power Idea (Gensets from 15 kVA to 600 kVA )

  • Kirloskar - The Brand with Rich engineering heritage for over 100 years
  • Active populayion of over Two million engines worldwide
  • Annual manufacturing volumes exceeding 180000 engines for range between 3 HP – 8000 HP.
  • Dominent market presence in Power Generation, construction, Earthmoving, Material handling and tractor engine segment
  • Prestigious ISO 9001 for Quality Management System since 1992 & ISO 140001 certification for environment sytem since 1999
  • Kirlsokar Green Gen sets are market leaders in the Indain Market with full range from 2.5 KVA to 600 KVA and 1.6 MW to 5.1 MW
  • More than 40000 Gen-sets all over the country help run the Indian Cellular telecom network
  • Moe than 15000 Gen-sets deployed alongwith Indian Borders, helping the Indian Defence sector .
  • Large number of Satisfied customers from manufacturing, IT software, Construction, Infrastructure projects in 320 KVA to 600 KVA range

Ready to use gensets

The kirloskar green range of ready-to-use gensets comes with standardised build. Plus, with flexible options, you can be assured of having your unique and demanding requirements met. These carry the stamp of the legendary kirloskar quality and reliability, besides ensuring a high level of standardisation. For your convenience we also offer you a free access to the used manual on the internet.

Standard scope of supply

  • Kirloskar diesel engine
  • Kirloskar green Brushless alternators
  • Formed base plate
  • Powder coated sheet metal DG set Control Panel[18 guage or better] complete with 1 voltmeter with selector switch, 1 ammeter per phase, frequency meter, KW-hr meter(optional) ,MCB(for below 45 kVa rating) or MCCB (45 kVa and above rating ), wiring diagram pasted inside the panel
  • Removable sheet metal fuel tank with capacity for full load non-stop 8 hr running, complete with inlet spout with strainer, fuel level indicator.
  • 12V battery of adequate capacity compatible with the DG set operating temperature limits and engine model [24v option available]. On gensets above 140kVa rating, 24V electrical system is a standard fitment
  • Automatic shut down in case of fault detection
  • Kirloskar Green silent canopy that outperforms the stipulated CPCB Norms of the government of India.

Optional Peripherals

  • Brush-type alternator up to 50kVA rating
  • kWh meter
  • 24V electrical starting system [on 3,4 &6 cylinder engines from R 1040 and HA series Engines]
  • 2 Batteries of 12V each
  • DG set controller
  • Auto mains failure panel
  • Kirloskar Green silent canopy that outperforms the stipulated CPCB Norms of the government of India.